You don’t want to distract your visitors from converting? You want to catch your users and monetize them? Your converting rate does not satisfy your expectations? You are looking for an additional advertising solution? You are annoyed of pop-ups and distracting display ads on your site? You want to be your own master of your campaign budgets? You want to keep the overview of your website users? You want to reach your specific audience? You want to exploit your full range of marketing potentials?

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  • Optimize your web visibility
  • Complete your marketing mix

Maximize traffic.
Be an adrelius advertiser!
Get satisfied.

Achieve your goals by complementing your Marketing mix with our customized exit intent layer system. Sell your product with purposed online campaigns and choose your own daily budget with our adrelius network. Set your cost per click and daily budget and check your spendings and revenues every time you want to. Increase your traffic, optimize your online presence and contact your special target group. Get in touch with selected partners on a global scale. We already reach over a 20Mio users throughout the world with our existing partners and publishers. Be prepared. Pick the ones you need.

Be prepared. Pick the ones you need.

  • Maximize your profit
  • Minimize your bouncing rate
  • Boost your earning without any loss
  • Global coverage with advertisers all around the world
  • Benefit from our innovative technology
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Don’t hesitate and do not worry – the quality of your website and the trust of your users will not be affected adversely. Raise your earnings with our adrelius publishing concept. We monetize users you have already lost without distracting your visitors. Our adrelius technology maximizes your profit and decreases your bouncing rate.

We already provide over 10.000 advertisers and embedded shops for you. Select from our global search feed pools and maximize your profit with our 100% easy handling dashboard.

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Your ad broker.
Be an adrelius!
Be second to none.

As an advertising network adrelius provides a unique, intelligent and data-driven technology. You can reach your targets and boost your sales and interactions as Publisher as well as Advertiser.

The adrelius technology is different to usual display and pop-up ads, because the users will only be indicated to possible interests when they are about to leave your website. Obviously, your visitors will not be distracted while dealing with your site.

Work with our customers like, or and advertise your campaigns for your individual product or service.

Use our innovative exit intent layer system. Complete your marketing mix with adrelius!

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